Creating Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

social media ad example

For the past 4 years, we have worked with hundreds of clients around the globe to effectively advertise their products, goods and services on Instagram.

We now have the unique ability to create upwards of 250,000,000 targeted digital impressions per week. As a worldwide leader on social media marketing, we understand all the elements required to create successful long lasting social media marketing campaigns. In order to maximize ROI, a campaign requires strong thought out campaign objectives, accurate planning, high quality engaging digital media, and long lasting consistent exposure. We have all the expertise, skills and experience necessary to ensure a successful implementation of a digital campaign for your company.

50% of travel companies have said that direct bookings have been generated from social media.
— Tnooz
92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as social media, word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family, above all forms of advertising.
— Webbed Feet
Social media users on Instagram interact with brands 58 times more than they do on Facebook and 120 times more than on Twitter.
— Curalate
52% of travelers were so influenced by social media that they changed their original travel plans.
— Sprout Social

Our Four Step Process




The first step in our process is evaluation. It is very important to be able to evaluate and understand the current analytics and demographics of the existing social media account. Identifying trends and patterns in follower’s behavior will assist in determining the current strengths and weaknesses of the social media accounts. Prior to beginning any of the marketing campaigns, clients will be provided with a comprehensive analytics report generated by the LUXWT Team. These Instagram reports will identify follower demographics, ages, locations, top used hashtags, and any current trends that are popular within the given area. We will review the reports and make suggestions going forward on specific posting patterns and media that is generating the most engagement.


Secondly we will perform a thorough evaluation of Instagram account and existing posts on the page. We will then make recommendations for low performing posts to be deleted and types of media to avoid using in the future. The existing media library will be reviewed and evaluated by type and relevance and we will then determine if it is of high enough quality to be used on the social media accounts. The list will be given to management for review and approval. Based on our experience over 90% of past clients do not have enough quality media to sustain long term social media campaigns. We will assist in developing a strategy to leverage user generated within campaigns for more viral impressions and developing brand loyalty. If new digital media is needed, LUXWT has over 40 content creators worldwide and we can assist in arranging for new content to be created. We have performed photo and video shoots for dozens of clients in the past and have developed a unique skill set for creating content which works best for use in social media.


Creating successful campaigns consists of a multitude of different factors. While generating brand exposure is a fundamental part of the process, creating new customers is the primary goal of marketing. We create campaigns that accomplish both of these goals, by creating multiple posts over a pre-determined length of time. The repeated exposure to our millions of followers creates brand awareness and establishes trust within our following. Secondarily, we have multiple ways for creating immediate and future customers for our partners. We implement different strategies for both boosting our posts to pre-determined demographics of potential customers as determined by our clients. This ensures that the already popular post is not only viewed by our audience, but specifically targeted potential consumers. Additionally our posts contain calls to action to redirect traffic off of Instagram to a website. In both instances potential customers' information is collected prior to revealing the limited offer. This technique allows us to build large email databases of potential customers to be used in remarketing services into the future. An example of this type of post can be seen in the diagram below.

emirates case study

On January 15th, 2017 Luxury World Traveler posted an Emirates Airlines 2 for 1 Ticket Special on their Instagram Account featured in the first post below. Followers were instructed to click the web link in the bio of our account to be redirected to the offer. Picture 1 shows the photograph used for the campaign. THe post generated 453,000 digital impressions on Instagram featured in picture 2. These impressions created 3,340 visits to review the offer and the collection of over 1700 email addresses featured in picture 3.


It is of the utmost importance to continually be monitoring a number of different elements throughout active social media campaigns. We have highlighted the most important below.

Follower/ Customer Demographics: Precise target audience help you create content effectively in content successful. It is important not only to determine who your current followers are, but also identify the avatar of your ideal future client.

Active Follower Growth: Determine how many active social media followers are engaging with your company. Also important to determine their exact location.

Behavior: Determine which type of posts received the most amount of engagement and are being shared most often. Also identify the optimal times to post media to receive the maximum amount of engagement.

Corresponding hashtags: Which other hashtags are frequently being used with photos related to your product, brand or service.

Total Impression: Review the total amount of digital impressions created. Determine which influencer marketing campaigns, promoted posts and other strategies are creating the most online exposure.

Philippines Case Study

From June 27th to July 3rd of 2016, Luxury World Traveler showcased the country of the Philippines on its Instagram Account.

Included in this report is a very structured account of the findings and analytics of the account. Each photo posted included the unique hashtag of #Philippines for tracking purposes.


In the 5 day period 20,000 world wide accounts used the #Philippines over 20,000 times. The number of unique followers that were reached between those posts were 83,600,000 accounts. Of those 83,600,000 unique people reached, between there sharing, reposting and redirecting, 336,100,000 social media impressions in total were created.



Throughout the 5 day period a total of 336,100,000 total impressions were created world wide on Instagram using the #Philippines. Luxury World Traveler posted a total of 54 times on their account using the #Philippines which accounted for 122,700,000 impressions or roughly 37% of the total overall worldwide traffic. Luxury World Traveler was also the top account created the most influence and creation the most impressions of all the accounts in the world.