Luxury World Traveler is the world’s largest luxury travel focused social media account with over 2.9 million avid travelers worldwide. We have leveraged the power of social media, coupled with a universal growing desire to travel the world, to create an internationally recognized travel community.

Over the last 6 years we have partnered with over 400 luxury hospitality companies throughout the world to create compelling media and showcase their properties and services to our rapidly expanding global travel community. During this time we have identified characteristics in digital media that create maximum engagement and viral lift. By understanding and applying these attributes we have rapidly grown our social media following and used this platform to create and distribute highly engaging digital media to our world class travel demographic.

The popularity of the digital media we have created has also lead to the creation of our own luxury travel agency, which specializes in helping our community book and experience the destinations and services we showcase on our social platforms.

Our goal is to continue to service our loyal followers by providing exclusive destination opportunities and booking travel, while exceeding the expectations of our hospitality clients by creating and distributing world class results-driven digital media.