We understand the power of social media's ability to inspire people to travel. With over 350 successful collaborations with luxury hospitality partners worldwide, and over 15 billion social media impressions created, we are the worlds foremost authority in travel based social media marketing.


Luxury World Traveler is a multi-faceted digital marketing company which specializes in promoting luxury lifestyles and high end travel. Not only do we create social media campaigns that generate millions of impressions, we have developed ways to track the ROI for hospitality partners and actualized bookings. 

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Our luxury travel concierge was built solely as a result of hundreds of our social media followers requesting booking assistance per month. Our  concierge has the ability to create unforgettable travel experiences by creating thorough exclusive travel itineraries with our preferred hospitality partners around the world. 


The success of social media marketing campaigns is greatly impacted by the quality of the digital media being utilized. Our team has thoroughly evaluated and tracked the results of thousands of social media posts over the last 6 years. We have developed the unique skill set for creating digital media that will receive millions of impressions as well as be shared by thousands of social media users. We've partnered with the best photographers and video production companies to create portfolios of digital media for many of our clients.  

Our collaborators are our creative team.


Our members visit hotels and resorts on our behalf and perform media stays. The photos and videos taken during Prime members' stays are posted to our social media accounts.

Find out more about our unique team of Prime Members and keep up with their travels here.


 Luxury World Traveler Prime Membership
 Luxury World Traveler Prime Membership
 Luxury World Traveler Prime Membership