With the growing popularity of Luxury World Traveler’s social media accounts, the amount of invitations extended to our company to visit and collaborate with luxury hotels and resorts has increased tremendously. 

Luxury World Traveler | Adam Goldberg Photography

In 2014, we created the LUXWT Prime Membership as a way to work with and honor some of our favorite Instagram travel accounts and the moderators of these accounts.  We allowed our LUXWT Prime members to visit the hotels and resorts on our behalf and perform media stays.  The photos and videos that were taken during there stay were posted to our social media accounts and the LUXWT Prime members also benefited from increased social media exposure.   Over the last three years, our Prime members have benefited from over 300 complimentary stays at luxury hotels and resorts as well as received over 2000 shout outs from our social media accounts. 

Currently Luxury World Traveler has developed an outstanding reputation within the luxury travel community and is continuously growing the Prime membership program. Prime members are recognized as an elite group of digital media producers and ambassadors that get to share in the many benefits our company provides.

Prime Member Testimonials

Mario - @thewaytotravel

Two years ago I officially became a LUXWT Prime Member and, although I already considered myself well-travelled, well I can now say I am REALLY well travelled and really spoilt too! In these two years LUXWT has taken me all over south-east Asia, the Maldives, Morocco, Colombia, China and many other places. Not only has LUXWT taken me to amazing locations but I have also been able to stay and be spoiled in incredible hotels for nothing, many of them normally costing thousands of dollars a night.

But, although I consider these to be some great benefits to the program, there are some intangible benefits for which I am just as grateful for - my travels have led me to meeting some great photographers, helping take my photography skills to another level - from originally documenting my travels with an iPhone I am now using the latest DSLR technology and even flying a drone over exotic locations! I have made new friends as a result of LUXWT and I am looking forward to making even more new ones in new exotic locations around the globe.

Luxury World Traveler Prime Member @thewaytotravel
Luxury World Traveler Prime member @thewaytotravel

Chin Moylad - @chinmoylad

Thanks to @LuxuryWorldTraveler, I have been able to enjoy the world's best hotels, resorts and villas in some of the most incredible locations. Working with @LuxuryWorldTraveler has given me access to stay at and experience the most exclusive resorts in Phuket (Trisara), Philippines (Amanpulo), Maldives (Six Senses Yao Noi) and more. My creations were shared to a global audience.

In addition to that, my own following has also grown considerably through support from @LuxuryWorldTraveler's programme, as the team has helped create a close-knit community of photographers, videographers and travelers who support each other's daily postings, driving engagement and following to reciprocal accounts.

Luxury World Traveler Prime Member @chinmoylad
Luxury World Traveler Prime Member @chinmoylad

Adam Goldberg - @adamgoldbergphotography

Being a LUXWT Prime Member has afforded me several opportunities that I would have otherwise not been able to enjoy without the partnership. I have taken a luxury train ride through the Canadian Rockies, stayed at one of the premier five star properties along the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and enjoyed tropical breezes in Hawaii while traveling on behalf of Luxury World Traveler as a LUXWT Prime Member. All along the way taking amazing photographs and video to grow my personal portfolio.

In addition to the travel, one benefit of being a LUXWT Prime Member is the exposure on social media. With over 2.3 million followers, having my work shared on a regular basis on Luxury World Traveler’s Instagram account has significantly increased my social media following. The partnership with Luxury World Traveler has led to additional worldwide travel through new clients as well as sales of work from my personal portfolio.  I feel fortunate to be a LUXWT Prime Member due to all the benefits that it provides.

Luxury World Traveler Prime Member @adamgoldbergphotography
Luxury World Traveler Prime Member @adamgoldbergphotography

The Prime Experience

Social Media Exposure

All of our LUXWT Prime members are guaranteed social media exposure throughout the year from our main IG account @luxuryworldtraveler with over 2.4 million followers. Each post on this account averages over 500,000 digital media impressions. Our main account is followed by thousands of luxury hospitality companies worldwide.  Our @luxwtprime account is the only Instagram account to exclusively feature our LUXWT Prime members media without any ads or spam posting all year long. This extended exposure on both accounts is priceless to our members. 


Our LUXWT Prime Members have now visited over 300 luxury resorts and hotels around the world. In addition, they have been able to take part in unique travel experiences such as helicopter rides, luxury cruises, drive exotic cars, fly in private jets and many more exclusive travel activities. LUXWT Prime Members are able to reach out to thousands of different luxury hospitality companies and request to experience many exclusive vacation and travel benefits that can cost thousands of dollars.

Private Events

Being one of the world's largest travel based social media companies, we get invited to many exclusive events across the globe. LUXWT Prime members are also able to request media passes to exclusive events and have it showcased on our account. 

Business Development

LUXWT Prime members that are professional photographers and videographers are given the option to include social media exposure on our accounts as part of their bids and proposals to potential clients. LUXWT Prime members receive preferred pricing and thus, have a competitive advantage over the peers. Likewise, LUXWT Prime Elite members are able to organize trips, workshops and other events under the Luxury World Traveler company banner, earn income and the exposure of LUXWT to promote their events.