Why We Are Unique

Luxury World Traveler takes a unique and current approach to marketing the luxury lifestyle and high end travel. We strive and specialize in creating an experience for our customers. For one week at a time we take our followers on an intimate journey and allow them to become thoroughly acquainted with a given destination. We feature and highlight many of the tourist attractions, natural beauty, leisure activities, restaurants and luxury hospitality options available when traveling. The popularity of this innovative approach has in just 24 short months catapulted us to one of the largest social media based travel companies.


Why Instagram?

Our Instagram Statistics

According to an article “Instagram is Shaping Up to be the World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool” by Forbes Magazine:

“The photo app amassed over 150 million users in three short years –twice as fast as Twitter. That quantity has some quality.  In a related article written by Business Insider named: Luxury Brands Are Winning On Instagram Instagram is generating 15 times the level of luxury brand engagement as Facebook, despite having only one-tenth Facebook’s reach. L2 also found that 93% of luxury brands are now on Instagram.” Likewise L2’s study, in partnership with Olapic, the New York-based software startup that helps retailers leverage user-generated photos to sell product, took a deep dive into the proliferation of photos to the tune of some 250 million shared each day and their impact on retailers.

Visual Commerce = Conversion
— Forbes Magazine

Why Our Platform Works So Effectively

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review “The best way for marketers to communicate through mobile will be with apps.”  Apps will trump traditional ads in part because consumers don’t perceive them as advertising and don’t find them intrusive. For marketers, apps will also be attractive because they’re actually more cost-efficient than traditional ads.” Our platform is extremely effective because our travel account is based on one of the most popular and fastest growing apps; Instagram®. Likewise we have a structured account that highlights the luxurious travel lifestyle, and consumers do not consider our photos and videos as advertisements. They follow our account to become better acquainted with potential vacation ideas, and each photo acts as a suggested destination not an unwelcome advertisement.